Student board


Executive Board

Presidents: Steven Ekert '20 and Simon Eder '20 liaison with the Music Director, oversee long-term project planning and supervise the other officers during the 2019 term.

General Manager: Jenny Wang ’22 works with the Assistant General Manager to organize every rehearsal and concert, coordinating with the Music Director, Memorial Hall staff, and members of the HRO.

Vice President: Eli Holmes '21 assists the President in overseeing all the other officers and contributes to the long-term development of the orchestra.

Financial Manager: Joyce Lu '21  manages the orchestra’s finances, preparing budgets and keeping financial records.

Other Officers

Director of Outreach: Brandon Duffy '20 reaches out to and improves relations with subscribers, alumni, and local organizations. He also helps to organize activities for the orchestra in the Boston area.

Director of Media: Danielle Davis '21 is responsible for creating digital publicity content. She produces material for the HRO YouTube channel and maintains the website.

Director of Publicity: Claire Tseng '22 is responsible for on-campus publicity prior to our concerts. She coordinates poster display, tabling, and publicity outreach to the Harvard community.

Graphic Designer: Anna Gong ’22 is responsible for designing concert posters, programs, subscription brochures, and cover photos for the HRO Facebook page.

Social Media Manager: Chris Kwon '22 maintains the HRO Facebook and Instagram. He responsible for conducting weekly member spotlight interviews as well as coordinating online publicity efforts for the orchestra.

Director of Advertising and Marketing: Austin Kwoun ’22 coordinates advertising efforts in preparation for each concert. He is responsible for recruiting organizations to purchase program ads as well as managing the orchestra’s off- campus presence through marketing to the greater Boston music community.

Director of Tickets and Merchandise: Rebecca Xi '22 coordinates the preparation and distribution of tickets and merchandise. She works directly with the Harvard Box Office to organize the distribution of consignment tickets and subscriptions in addition to handling merchandise sales.

Assistant General Manager: Avril Saavedra '21 works with the General Manager to organize rehearsals and concerts.

Fundraising and Development Director: Odessa Deng '22 works to plan and execute fundraising strategies that strengthen the financial prosperity of the orchestra.

Pieria: Angela Eichhorst ‘22 , JuHye Mun ‘22 and Roger Cawdette ‘22 organize private social events for the orchestra and foster a positive social atmosphere for all members.

Musae: Ben Rhee '21, Cherin Lee’ 22 , Elizabeth Yeoh-Wang '20 , Topher Colby ‘20, and Willie Swett’ 22 each undertake a different project for the year that will improve a chosen aspect or area of the orchestra.

Tour Directors: Simon Eder '20, Yooree Ha '20, and Joyce Lu '21 plan and manage HRO's upcoming international tour.